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Issue 2 coming fall 2021 theme connections

A Bevy of Announcements!

When the Sentience crew began the journey to publishing the “Isolation” issue in the Summer of 2020, I’m not sure any of us knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into, despite having worked on other lit mags before. At the time, we tentatively floated the idea amongst ourselves that, if we could pull it… Read More A Bevy of Announcements!

Writing in Isolation

Writing is an activity I prefer to perform in solitude. It is an escape from the outside world—an internal reflection documented. It is a time to focus my mind and silence everything else. The silence brings me to a place where I have nothing but my thoughts. Writing alone requires a certain type of discipline… Read More Writing in Isolation

Lisa Croce published in Obelus

Paroled by Lisa Croce “Eyes darting around the yard, some look more comfortable than others, like they’ve been here before, while others have that stink of fear I recognize on them, a stink I can smell across the yard.” Published July 9, 2020 in Obelus Journal.

Sentience Editor published in Reclamation

Don’t Fight with Crazy by Tracey Simmons “The room felt electric with smiled glances, loud murmuring laughter, and conversations of people catching up. In between the smell of burnt coffee and cigarettes, ammonia whiffed through the room, because the janitor had just finished up as we were coming in.” Published August 3, 2020 in Reclamation Magazine. Feature… Read More Sentience Editor published in Reclamation