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Issue 2 coming fall 2021 theme connections

A Bevy of Announcements!

When the Sentience crew began the journey to publishing the “Isolation” issue in the Summer of 2020, I’m not sure any of us knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into, despite having worked on other lit mags before. At the time, we tentatively floated the idea amongst ourselves that, if we could pull it off, a small run of a magazine might be in order for contributors, to mark the occasion. As the scale of project and our ambitions for it took shape, however, we were forced to put a pin in the idea of printing physical copies of Issue #1. But we still wanted to do something that people could carry around, that our contributors could hold on to beyond a URL. So today, we’re excited to share with you – with everyone – the Isolation issue of Sentience in a PDF format to download and enjoy on your computer and mobile devices. And for free! But why now? you may ask the glaring light of your screen. Because we’re also announcing that …

golden Chinese lion dog head

“Yang” by Helen Doremus

It is awake in the chill morning air, dripping cold rainwater off of its snout to the cement below. It sees the stretch of parked cars, the fence ringing The Building which breaks only to force visitors past its stony paws, the sway of trees in the distance — all of this is discernible within its fixed focus, its hundred yard stare of perpetual vigilance. Its mouth is cracked open, a permanent smile full of teeth, tasting the world as it blows by. The ball, the trapped orb, below its foot warns all that they too might find themselves so pressed down if they threaten The Building and what lies within.  At the corner — the very furthest pocket — of its gaze, is its partner, its mate, its equal and opposite, the one who stands guard at the other side of the break in the fence. The shape of this mate is suggestion only, transfixed curve and sinew, open lips with soundless roar, equal and opposite forepaw raised. But here a change — beneath …