“Revelation of the Damned” by Brianna Vigil

I found myself 
under a hot red light
surrounded by smoke,
salt in the air
as if I were on a ship
in the middle of a storm
tossed around 
by the imbalance of the sea,
the hallway 
a long passage
crowded with people 
I rocked from one side 
to the other
in suffocating heat
my face in flames,
hair stuck 
to backs of necks,
smoky silhouettes danced 
to sounds of sex,
bodies covered in sweat,
spread lips and saliva
soaked into skin.
I sense the danger
in their presence
and the violence 
of their intent
and that’s when a light 
goes off,
chills go through 
my feverish limbs,
secrets of our sins
are hidden in lives
no longer
but fresh in memories 
of those above.
I tried to run
to escape
the spinning room,
outstretched hands,
a crimson blur
down the hallway,
then finally 
out the door
into oblivion,
I found myself 

Brianna Vigil (aka Jasmine Felix) graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a double minor in Creative Writing and Psychology from Antioch University in 2018. She took her first poetry class at Antioch and fell in love with the craft. In addition to being a writer, she is also a photographer, actress, and model. You can view her creative endeavors on her website, jasminesroom.com.

Featured Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash