“Generational Rings of an Old Oak Tree” by Jacqueline Rose

the original skin.
a defined notion of the
original sin.
with the intense
bringing forth
pain within us,
against us,
in spite of us,
& all that is contributed
by us.
the first breath,
the beginning,
omnisciently aware
we will be the last of us
on this earth.
as the last us,
surviving with the
standing strength
of the mighty oak tree.

The poem is set on top of a photograph of the gnarled bark of an oak tree.
Multimedia Art and Image by Jacqueline Rose
Photograph of Jacqueline Rose

Jacqueline Rose is a happily married wife of 30+ years and mother of two wonderful daughters. Her professional career has consistently supported educational opportunities or life enhancements for students and their families. With that said, as an African American woman, Jacqueline continues to enjoy learning about various cultures, ideologies, and how daily life overlaps in relationship to her vast number of unexpected experiences.

Writing poetry allows her to internalize a life abroad and inhabiting many geographical locations of the United States and Europe and each concept and occurrence before adding the appropriate words to apply on a page. These words become concrete as the ink on the page. Hopefully, the words resonate with someone emotionally to reflect on or as encouragement in life.

Featured Photo by Jacqueline Rose