“There is a Lot of Noise in the City” by Ivan de Monbrison

Art by Ivan de Monbrison
В городе много шума.
Автобусы, машины, велосипеды, прохожие, 
дураки ​или умные люди.
Мы покупаем, продаем,  даем, берем.
В городе ничего не 
Зима близко , лето только следы.
Как рождение бежит от смерти, 
и молчание бежит от речи.

There is a lot of noise in the city.
Buses, cars, bicycles, passers-by, 
fools or smart people.
We buy, sell, we give, take.
Nothing in the city seems
Winter is near, summer is only a trace.
As birth runs away from death, 
and silence runs away from speech.

Ivan de Monbrison is a poet and artist living in Paris born in 1969 and affected by various types of mental disorders. He has published some poems in the various literary journals, and a few chapbooks.