“The Green of the Trees” by Ivan de Monbrison

Зелень деревьев, синева реки, 
красный цвет земли.
Рисунок полон красок. 
Но на листе бумаги больше ничего не видно.
Я теряю рассудок и теряю безумие.
Все покрыто пеплом. 
Больше не о чем думать.
Время для меня больше не существует, 
потому я много раз я был мертв, 
​и никогда я не был воскрес.

The green of the trees, the blue of the river, 
the red of the earth.
The drawing is full of colors.
But nothing else is visible on the sheet of paper.
I'm losing my mind and losing my insanity.
Everything is covered in ashes.
There is nothing else to think about.
Time no longer exists for me 
because I have been dead many times,
and I have never been resurrected.

Ivan de Monbrison is a poet and artist living in Paris born in 1969 and affected by various types of mental disorders. He has published some poems in the various literary journals, and a few chapbooks. 

Featured Photo by Jess Zoerb on Unsplash