“Genealogy” by Emerald Liu

Cluster of rain spheres
adorn leaves layered over
each other, their collective shape
an omentum covering
offering protection
the way an arch
offers support
the way your hand over my hand
signals care
the comfort touch brings
its reassurance
flows within us
unwitnessed domestic habits and
set across time zones
can’t be fossilized
but the memory
of fingerprints across my skin
take on the beauty of ink
in landscape scrolls (my uncle
painted, your second son)

Emerald Liu is a Sino-Belgian writer who has previously written for The Millions, Drawing Matter, Far-Near, and more. Her poetry has been featured in Verses Magazine, Giallo, Superfroot, and others.

She is currently the Poetry + Prose editor for Asians In The Arts. Her debut chapbook Double Happiness is published by birdbeakbeast press.

Follow her on Instagram: @e.a.liu

Featured Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash