“You send me (my fingers exploring the waves of your hair, dampened by the heat)” by Emerald Liu

Take it hour by hour
Lay your head on my lap
Vignettes of countryside race by
Under the constant hum of train tracks 
Reassuring us to move forwards
Towards each other
 		Taking it hour by hour
I focus on the rhythm of your breath
Against the percussion of my heart
Healing slowly every second
Counting each to stay present
The cabin rocking in its acceleration
Leading me to question how to recognise
You send me towards myself

Emerald Liu is a Sino-Belgian writer who has previously written for The Millions, Drawing Matter, Far-Near, and more. Her poetry has been featured in Verses Magazine, Giallo, Superfroot, and others.

She is currently the Poetry + Prose editor for Asians In The Arts. Her debut chapbook Double Happiness is published by birdbeakbeast press.

Follow her on Instagram: @e.a.liu

Featured Photo by Kyara Reynhardt on Unsplash